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QTA Displays Gulfstream Stage 3 Hush Kit and Debuts New Technology

Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA) is launching its new Inlet Upgrade program for the Lear 60 aircraft at this year’s convention, as well as showing the company’s support services and world-leading Stage 3 solution for the Gulfstream GII, GIIB and GIII aircraft.

Lear 60 Inlet Upgrade Program
The Inlet Upgrade program is the ultimate solution to the inservice problems of the original OEM Nose Cowls degradation of the acoustic lining and corrosion of the inner acoustic barrel. The QTA Upgrade replaces the OEM aluminum barrel with an advanced carbon graphite-based composite unit. Fully interchangeable with the original, a lifetime corrosion warranty and five-year acoustic screen warranty is provided with the upgrade. This offers operators the ultimate solution to the fleet-wide corrosion and degradation issues suffered by Lear 60 operators. An upgraded Inlet Cowl and Composite parts are on display at the QTA Booth #N6104.

QTA first produced a Carbon Graphite Composite Inlet Cowl acoustic barrel in 1988 for the DC8 Stage 2 Hush Kit, arguably the very first such composite barrel ever to enter service on a commercial aircraft.

QTA followed this successful program with advanced composite acoustic parts for the B707, DC8 Stage 3, and OC135 (USAF) BAC 1-11, and the very successful Stage 3 Hush Kit for the Gulfstream GII, GIIB and GIII aircraft.

Support Services
QTA’s partner company, Bizav Support, offers a comprehensive stock of parts for the GII, GIIB and GIII, Challenger and Lear 60 aircraft as well as composite repairs for flight controls, cowl doors, composite and sheet metal details for these platforms.

Visit Ben Brown at Booth #N6104 to discuss your needs.

Composite Components
Under the company’s FAA PMA approval, QTA also has the capability to manufacture detailed composite parts and assemblies in support of other programs. This includes the ability to offer a turnkey solution of engineering design and substantiation, production tooling and the series production of parts.

Gulfstream GII, GIIB and GIII Stage 3 Hush Kit
With just six weeks to the phase out of all Stage 2 Business Jets, QTA is displaying its first-in-class Gulfstream Stage 3 Hush Kit for the last time, and reports a high level of demand coming from the remaining aircraft that are choosing to upgrade. With over 130 systems already installed, QTA is the clear No. 1 choice when it comes to meeting Stage 3 noise requirements. The QTA Plus Stage 3 Hush Kit meets all world noise regulations and is the ONLY hush kit that meets the European, Swiss and Australian Marginal Compliance noise regulations of Stage 3 — 5dB. With the light weight (just 240 pounds), lowest-in-class certified noise levels and superb performance and reliability, it is easy to see why 130 operators have chosen the QTA solution, as opposed to less than 10 with a competing aviation offering.

QTA is exhibiting at Booth #N6104.