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3 Axis Development Will Highlight New Technologies for DMLS-Direct Metal Laser Sintering at POWER-GEN

Charles Koch the Vice-President of 3Axis Development started the company 10 years ago. He had been in the Rapid Prototyping services business since 1997. Prior to this he had held various marketing and sales positions in multiple product industries including advertising, publishing and the Television Cable Industry. He has a B.A degree in dual majors of communications and business.

Q: Please start by telling us a bit about the company, a brief history of 3Axis Development and an overview of your business today
A: 3Axis Development is a privately held company. It was conceived as a services company specializing in Rapid Prototyping and Short-run manufacturing. We service client throughout the United States across many segments of industry including Power, Military, Medical, Armaments and other consumer products.

Q: Please tell us about the company’s products.
A: Our product services program is targeted to delivering fast turn and quality parts. We see a void in the industry for delivering short-runs for product development as well as low volume production. Traditional service providers are primarily interested in high volumes of parts. They consider short-runs as a secondary. Our philosophy is that short runs can sometimes be the most important phase in the testing, delivery and marketing of products. We deliver almost every technology in both plastics (3-D printing, Injection molding, silicone molding, machining and vacuum forming) to metals ( DMLS, machining, investment castings, sheet metal), etc. We specialize in fabricating 1 to 3, 30 or 300 parts at production quality levels with fast turn-around to the client.

Q: What is your company’s focus?
A: Our focus is to service clients across multiple industries with their short-run and product development needs. We see ourselves as a teaching organization not only fabricating parts but informing engineers and company executives to the options available to fast-track their product development and product positioning.

Q: What would you say makes your business unique?
A: We are a one-stop shop for multiple services spanning many traditional processes that are sometimes difficult to utilize without committing to large volumes of parts.

Q: Describe your company’s current marketing plan.
A: Our marketing has a multi-pronged approach. It includes trade show marketing, internet positioning but most importantly with personal contact with face-to-face presentations where applicable.

Q: What will be your greatest challenges in this industry?
A: The industry has exploded on the national scene after 20 years especially where it pertains to 3-D printing. Keeping up with the ability to offer all of the latest technologies and get the word out to manufacturers and their development teams is an ongoing process.

Q: Are you promoting a single product or service at POWER-GEN 2013?
A: Our goal for the Show is to exhibit some of the new technologies in DMLS-Direct Metal Laser Sintering as well as to have an actual 3-D printer making parts.

Q: Which of your products are the most popular?
A: We are seeing increase demand for our DMLS technologies as well as our fast-track sheet-metal and rapid machining technologies.

Q: What makes your company different from the competition?
A: We go beyond just being an on-line parts ordering service to offering tremendous value due to our cross services knowledge of processes, applications and materials.

Q: Compare the position of your products and their technology against the current market.
A: Our sales focus is based on rapid response to both direct meeting, on-line requests and direct call interface meetings.

Q: How do you handle sales and/or distribution?
A: We span multiple industries with a client base ranging from Lockheed-martin, L-3 Communications, Smith & Wesson, Mechanical and industrial Design Shops and Independent Product/Concept Development Professionals.

Q: How do you see your company’s future in terms of economy, sales, technology and product evolution?
A: We have been able to grow the company consistently even with marketplace set-backs due to our scope of knowledge, service options and fill-the-need for product delivery timetables.

Q: How can our readers find out more about your company?
A: We welcome Show attendees to visit Booth #854. Our website or call us directly at the corporate number 561-752-9095.