Healthcare Management And Technology Today — Day 3 Wednesday April 15, 2015
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Secure Document Transport for the Health Care Industry Made Possible with etherFAX
Paul Banco

The health care industry has two major document transport hurdles to jump — the secure delivery of unstructured data, and the improvement of communication amongst respective EMRs and EHRs.

Jumping those hurdles means transitioning to the cloud, which can mean expensive disposal of antiquated telephony infrastructure, employee training on new systems, and expensive alternatives to meet scaling requirements.

With etherFAX, it doesn’t have to be. They provide an easy to implement solution that is transparent to the user, costeffective, scalable and reliable, providing 100 percent guaranteed delivery of all healthcare-critical communications.

With two solutions, health care organizations have the capability to build their own fax network in the cloud and extend their existing equipment, applications and software to a secure private fax network in the cloud.

Your Private Fax Network in the Cloud: etherFAX SEN
Built with the health care industry in mind, the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) provides the capability for health care organizations and medical groups, insurance companies and billing operators to securely transport data within the etherFAX Ecosystem.

With its expanding partner system, etherFAX has built the largest fax network — a robust and mixed environment for communication in the health care industry.

etherFAX SEN allows remote clients to experience real-time fax communications that seamlessly integrate with industry- leading fax servers and fax-enabled applications. With SEN, customers can send and receive fax communications without ever traversing an external telephone network.

Data is not only secure, but it’s sent and received very quickly. A 50-page document that traditionally takes up to 30 minutes to transmit can be sent in seconds. Built-in redundancy ensures there is no down-time, and etherFAX customers never experience a busy signal.

Expand to an IP-Based Network: etherFAX A2E
As the health care industry expands IT operations towards the cloud, extending fax machines and infrastructure to accommodate this new technology can be a challenge. The etherFAX Analog-toetherFAX (A2E) device addresses this challenge.

The plug-and-play device extends existing fax infrastructure to the cloud, providing secure transport of unstructured data without the cost of fax machine disposal. The device is transparent to users and allows the machines to operate as if they were on a traditional PSTN.

Manufactured by MultiTech, the A2E simplifies the transition to an IPbased network for health care organizations, beginning the secure transmission of unstructured patient data sooner. There is no training after implementation and because it leverages existing IT infrastructure, the A2E device eliminate recurring fax costs.

The A2E device supports the ether- FAX SEN network. For more information on how etherFAX is securely transmitting unstructured data for the health care industry, download our whitepaper at

To find out how etherFAX can secure transmission of your healthcare-critical data, call us at 877-384-9866 or visit and Booth #5482.