Consumer Catalog — Fall_2016
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Jim Winjum

To have knowledge of a difficult journey.

Sheep hunting is brutal, exhausting and downright dangerous... and there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. We began designing and building boots after a ten day hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories in 2002. The merciless country tested us in unimaginable ways, but it was the toll on my feet that made me want to lay down and die. When blisters became freakish gashes, I knew we had to design and build a better boot that could keep up with the needs of a high-country mountain sheep hunter. Since then, we’ve designed, built and beat up boots in every brutal terrain conceivable, to make sure hunters, backpackers and hikers never experience boot failure. Today, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts confidently wear Kenetrek boots to live their passions. Along with ongoing, in-the-field testing, we listen to our customers and work to give them what they want… that’s why we recently introduced ASTM approved safety-toe boots… and for folks that suffer with injuries, post surgery rehab or just have a lot of foot or ankle pain from years on their feet, Kenetrek premiered the EverStep boot/ prosthetic, a breakthrough in orthopedic footwear designed by Kenetrek and a team of physicians. Pass on the word to a friend who wants to get back into the mountains without foot and ankle pain… they will thank you a million times!

Enjoy your days in the field.