ACSI Vol 17.3 : Page 39

ACSI Edition Achievement Test ACSI’s partnership with CTB/McGraw-Hill provides Christian schools with a full-service student assessment program that includes … t 5FSSB/PWB , ACSI Edition t ACSI Data Online t Professional development opportunities Program enhancements in 2013 included … t ACSI Data Online for Parents—Over 16,000 Christian school parents accessed their children’s easy-to-read test results online. it hin A CSI Data D at ata O nline Educators c an t rack k p rog gr e ess o f i nd i n t Longitudinal tracking w within ACSI Online—Educators can track progress of indi-vidual students and groups from year to year. ro oup u sf r m y ro e r t ea o y ea r. What one Christian school educator and parent said about ACSI Data Online for Parents: “These materials and the way that they are presented are AWESOME! Parents are going to be able to figure these results out. Thank you so much for making ACSI Data Online for Parents user-friendly. “ —Testing coordinator for Kingsway Christian School F or m ore infor m ation , ca l ll l A CS C S I Custo Custo m e er r Ser v ice at 800-367-0798 or o r v i isit s i t o our u r o on n l ine ine store at www. purposefu l d design e s i g n . c co o m m. .

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