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796-,::065(3796-03,:c:WLJPHS(K]LY[PZPUN:LJ[PVU WOMEN IN BUSINESS “SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD, SO SHE DID.” —ANONYMOUS NANCY DEPCIK WILL PRESENT “DISCOVER YOUR UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE” AT BRAVA MAGAZINE’S THRIVE CONNECTIONS LUNCHEON JULY 23, 2015. TICKETS AT BRAVA.TICKETLEAP.COM. UNSHAKABLE SUCCESS THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF HOPE We all want to feel empowered, connected, respected and appreciated, but sometimes life throws us challenges that stop us in our tracks—and our lives change forever. How do you maintain the courage and the hope to make it through the day? I believe that your ability to change your perspective will greatly affect your ability to change your life. Through my presentations, training and coaching, I help people see those challenges differently, and share techniques on how to face them, grow from them and become a better person because of them. @V\^PSSKPZJV]LYHZ[YLUN[OPUZPKL`V\YZLSM[OH[`V\KPKU»[L]LURUV^ L_PZ[LK
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6UL57PUJRUL` St., Madison. 5HUJ`+LWJPR Unshakable Success® :WLHRLYc7YLZLU[H[PVU:RPSSZ*VHJOc-HJPSP[H[VY 6907 University Ave. Unit 203, Middleton 5HUJ`+LWJPRJVT NOVEMBER 2014 | BRAVAMAGAZINE.COM 47

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