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OUTSTANDING TRAINING INITIATIVES the power of the team—whether in small groups to assemble prosthetic arms, or as a combined team of more than 350 professionals working together to make a difference in the lives of others—everyone can see the outcome of strong leader-ship and teamwork. At the end of the activity, the teams see pictures of the children who will benefit from their work. The photos allow participants to appreciate how their leadership and collaboration touch hundreds of lives. The conference concludes with a program recap that encour-ages participants to use the 360-degree assessment report as a conversation starter with coaches, peers, and supervisors with whom they can engage in ongoing dialogue around their development. The session also serves as a call to action to participants to invest in the development of others, helping them grow and advance their careers. Finally, participants see their day-two experience come to life in a large-scale mural made from the Rubik’s Cubes they solved, which depict the PwC logo and the prosthetic hands they made for donation. the knowledge and skills learned at the conference on the job. Respondents reported receiving real-time feedback from their coaches, peers, and supervisors. More than half said they are applying the 360-degree feedback principles on their engage-ments. In addition, the majority of respondents indicate that they have maintained or deepened their relationships across Advisory as a direct result of the conference’s activities. PwC’s Advisory practice is large and few know its complete portfolio of services. Working in multidisciplinary teams throughout the conference helps to increase everyone’s knowledge of Advisory’s services and builds valuable connections. These relationships help new managers to recognize opportunities in the market-place by tapping into their colleagues’ knowledge and expertise to address clients’ needs. Finally, new Advisory managers who attended the confer-ence are using real-time development techniques to lead themselves and others. For example, they are asking staff how they like to receive feedback and have committed to give timely, in-the-moment feedback throughout the duration of a project, rather than just at the end. By adopting this and other strong leadership behaviors, new Advisory managers are able to maximize strengths, quickly close gaps, and drive learning throughout the year. Results Participants and their coaches complete business impact surveys four and six months after the event. More than 85 percent of the survey respondents indicated they have successfully applied Save $150 * on the Conference with discount code: TMAD Get Mobile. Use Games. Be Social. Drive Engagement. Online Learning Conference is designed for learning and training and development professionals who want to leverage the latest in eLearning tools, virtual classrooms, serious games, simulations, mobile, social media, and other emerging technologies to improve workplace performance. The flipped online community means more bang for your buck as you start online with exclusive access to customized content to help you make the most of your overall conference experience in Denver! Put the knowledge you gained online to work on site in speed sharing sessions, an eLearning Maker Faire, breakouts, down-and-dirty apps user tutorial, location-based technology demos, hands-on clinics, and more. *One discount offer/code per attendee. Offer expires 9/18/15. 64 | JULY/AUGUST 2015 training

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