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Bakery or Pastry or Dessert Shop 1. Bloom Bake Shop 2. Lane’s Bakery & Coffee 3. Tied: Greenbush Bakery + Scott’s Pastry Shoppe Inc. Chocolatier 1. Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier 2. DB Infusion Chocolates 3. Candinas Chocolatier LOCAL SPECIALTY FOOD & DINING OUT FAVE S RAVE Specialty Foods or Grocery Store 1. Willy Street Co-Op 2. Metcalfe’s Market 3. Brennan’s Market Madison-Made Food Product 1. Stella’s Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread 2. RP’s Pasta 3. Potter’s Crackers When you need a sweet bite, what decadent local treat do you indulge with? What is it, who makes it—and what’s divine about it? An Earl Grey truffle from Gail Ambrosius. Decadent enough to feel like a true indulgence, and portioned so that I can indulge regularly without the guilt. –Christina McKee, Madison Beer, Wine or Liquor Shop 1. Steve’s Wine Beer Spirits 2. Woodman’s Markets 3. Barriques How do you spend a night on the town with gal pals? RAVE Apps and martinis at Opus Lounge. –Nichol Harvey, Fitchburg We head out to a new restaurant or bar for food and drinks. So far, Gates & Brovi has been our favorite! They have wine on tap. I repeat, they have wine ON TAP. The space is quaint with perfect décor and music. Their seafood options are delicious as well. –Corinn Ploessl, Oregon Bloom’s salted caramel brownie—it’s rich and gooey and heavenly and HUGE. –Lauren Amburn, Madison Craft Brewery 1. Tied: Capital Brewery + Wisconsin Brewing Company 2. Ale Asylum 3. New Glarus Brewing Company Lemon meringue ice cream cone from The Ice Cream Shoppe on Midvale Boulevard. It is heavenly smooth and creamy with its light lemon flavor that reminds me of the best lemon meringue pie. It is my reward on occasion for personal jobs well done. –Conni Hofeldt-Rowe, Middleton 74 BRAVA MAGAZINE | NOVEMBER 2015

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