Florida Community Association Journal March_2016 : Page 57

ing structures. The program must be tailored to your parking garage and take into consideration such factors as type and age of construc-tion, quality of materials, and expo-sure. The garage maintenance pro-gram should include routine, pre-ventive, and repair/replacement maintenance. Based on my professional experi-ence with existing parking garages, a budget should be $400–$500 per car per year excluding standard operat-ing management, such as house-keeping, security, and utilities. Therefore, take care of your garage, and you will enjoy a safe parking experience. For more information on The Falcon Group, visit www.thefal-congroup.us. ■ LVWKDWZKLOHZDWHUSURRÀQJLVDSUHYHQWDWLYHPHWKRGRISURWHFWLQJ your building, it is an ongoing process that must include both a proactive and a reactive building maintenance plan. With the harsh weather conditions Florida has, extremely high humidity for long periods of time; extreme sunlight, which extracts moisture from HYHQWKHEHVWXUHWKDQHZDWHUSURRÀQJFDXONLQJPDWHULDO&#0f;PRVW buildings are built with dissimilar materials (example: block and VWXFFREDVHZLWKWKHVHFRQGRUWKLUGÁRRUEHLQJZRRGIUDPHG&#0c; WHAT IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM (just to name a few) • /DFNRIKDYLQJDZDWHUSURRÀQJSODQ&#0b;,QFOXGHZDWHUSURRÀQJLQ \RXU&#1a;²
 WKDQHZDVQHFHVVDU\&#0c; • Not addressing the problem immediately (Look for signs from your building: extreme white chalkiness present, excessive build-up of algae or mold, visible cracks in the stucco, reports of leaks, HWF&#0c; • ,PSURSHUFRQVWUXFWLRQZKHQRULJLQDOO\EXLOW IN SUMARRY WATERPROOFING ISSUES IN BETWEEN PAINT CYCLES—How to Identify and Handle Before The Damage Adds Up By Donny Morelock IMPORTANCE OF IDENTIFYING and FIXING A WATERPROOFING ISSUE EARLY What everyone needs to realize Use both preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance in your building asset protection plan • Preventative maintenance • ,QVSHFW\RXUEXLOGLQJUHJXODUO\ • 3HUIRUPUHSDLUVZKHQWKH\SUHVHQWWKHPVHOYHV&#0b;'RQRWZDLW&#0c; ,I\RXSUDFWLFHWKLV&#0f;\RXZLOOVDYHWKHRZQHUVWKRXVDQGVDQGWKRX -sands of dollars over the years regarding damage caused by water intrusion. For more information on CPR (Concrete Painting & Restoration LLC, visit www.CPRpainting.net. ■ www.fcapgroup.com | FLCAJ March 2016 57

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