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management would play an important role in the analysis regarding the development, review, and application of the analysis. This is where having a list of improvements helps to plan and create reserve funds to pay for them. Owners would rather pay a little each month for these projects rather than pay large assessments. Reserves should also be set up for emergency repairs that may arise. Normal dues are based on the annual budget to run the association. Reserves are for special projects, replacement of equipment, emergencies, etc. Mariann Gerwig, GC, HI, CAM, CAM CEU Instructor, and Licensed Realtor is with Carousel Development & Restoration Inc. at (561) 272-3700, www.CDRI.net. ■ EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE—PAINTING HOW TO IDENTIFY THE NEED By Donny Morelock ability to show prospective buyers of units in your build-ings that there is an ongoing maintenance plan implemen-ted for the exterior of the building coupled with the updating of color schemes will increase the unit value to the owners in your building com-pared to other buildings in the area. Fact: Painting is a form of ZDWHUSURRÀQJ WHY DO WE NEED TO PAINT OUR BUILDINGS? We paint our buildings to protect and beau-tify. Painting on a regular cycle will lead to reduced wood repair and reduced concrete and stucco repair of damage, which if left untreated will lead to very costly structural repairs. The IMPORTANCE & HOW TO IDENTIFY THE CONDITION OF YOUR EXISTING BUILDING PAINT Fact: Paint will become chalky at the end of its useful life, letting us know it is time to paint. Some degree of chalking is normal and can be a desirable way for a paint ÀOPWRZHDU What is chalk? It is a pow-dery residue on painted exte-rior surfaces. When this chemistry is happening, the paint sheen will become dul-OHU&#0f;DQGWKHSDLQWÀOPZLOOJHW thinner. Chalking can cause color fading. FREE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO YOU (just to name a few) • Local paint manufacturer representative: In almost all cases, he will give you a free, honest assessment of your current paint to include a timeline on when you need to budget your upcoming exterior paint job. He will also provide you a paint VSHFLÀFDWLRQGHWDLOLQJWKH scope of work needed so you can get apples-to-apples proposals from your favorite painting contractors. • Painting contractor: A trust-ed or highly-recommended 22 July 2016 FLCAJ | www.fcapgroup.com

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