Amana Colonies 2011 Visitors Guide : Page 44

TRAILS To fully appreciate the natural beauty of the Colonies and Eastern Iowa, the Colonies have two trails in which you’ll see unmatched views of the prairie, Lily Lake and the Iowa River. Open year-round, the newly extended Kolonieweg Recreational Trail links the villages of Amana and Middle Amana circling Lily Lake and extending along the historical 140 year old Millrace Canal. Much of the trail is paved; however the stretch along the canal levee is crushed lime-stone. As you walk the or bike the trail, watch for bald eagles, pelicans, ducks, beaver, muskrat, wild turkeys, turtles and river otter. Access the trail either at the Lily Lake parking and picnic area on Highway 220 between Amana and Middle Amana or at the Amana Depot in the village of Amana. The rustic Amana Colonies Nature Trail allows you to experience Amana on the wild side as it winds through the Amana forest and continues to the steep bluffs overlooking Iowa River. You can walk the unpaved trail, or if there is snow on the ground, bring your cross country skis to experience the pristine beauty of the 3.2 mile trail. Prehistoric Native American mounds and geologic features are noted on the trail, but its appeal is more than educational, as you will discover. The trailhead parking is just north of Homestead at the inter-section of Highways 151 and 6. Two great new novels by Melanie Dobson, set in the villages of Amana & Homestead summerside P RESS ™ Summerside Press 612-321-1015 44 l Amana Colonies

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