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Gi of Life WELLNESS WALK & Lunch Party see us walk Gi of Life Wellness Walk and an Lunch L Party If you’re like most ost pe people living in this country, disease has touched your life. Sta s cally, it’s unavoidable. We’ve lost friends, rela ves and, perhaps worst of all, children, to a growing epidemic of lifestyle and environmental disease. And although we support causes that try to fi nd that magic pill that will eradicate cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity, it seems the harder we try, the worse it gets. That’s why this Gi of Life Wellness Walk and Lunch Party is not against any par cular disease, but a celebra on of op mal well-being. And, perhaps, by refocusing the na-on’s a en on from sickness to wellness, we can make an impact in reversing the current heartbreaking trajectory. For info: Sat. October 11, 2014 at Noon -2 High St. (NY Ave) -Hun ngton Village, NY

Gift Of Life International

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