Navel Expo Spring of 2015 : Page 2

Beljanski CANCER-FREE WELLNESS WALK & Lunch Party O ver the last 40 years we have raised and spent The Beljanski CANCER-FREE Wellness Walk and Lunch some 500 billion dollars on cancer research, and Party will help turn the big C into one that is less in mi-s ll, this menace is the second biggest killer of da ng by helping to support the research e ff orts of The people in the United States. Is it possible that we’ve been Beljanski Founda on into natural approaches to revers-looking in the wrong place? ing chronic disease at the very root. To make a dona on please go to For more informa on about sponsorship and exhibit opportuni es, please contact Most of this e ff ort has been focused on producing pat-entable drugs to kill the cancer, but what about if we used natural approaches to address the underlying cause by helping repair the destabilized DNA damaged by the ever-present environmental toxicity? Sat. April 18th at 11:45 AM (2 High St. & NY Ave) Hun ngton Village, NY

The Beljanski Foundaon, Inc.

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