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NAVEL CONTENTS p10 p25 p15 p16 p9 p21 p13 16 CANCER’S CAUSE CANCER’S CURE: Truth About Cancer; Its Causes, Cures and Preven on – Sylvie Beljanski and John Hall, PhD 10 YOUR PATH TO HEALTHIER DENTISTRY: A Holis c Approach to Keeping Your Teeth for a Life me -Alex Shvartsman, DDS, ND THE GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH: Why Lowering your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease-Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS THE FUTURE OF PREVENTION: Thwar ng Common Cata-strophic Health Events with Cu ng Edge Tes ng-Sergey Kalitenko, MD 9 23 IMMUNOLOGY: Evoking the Body’s Most Powerful Defense Against Cancer -Jesse Sto ff , MD, MDH, FAAFP, FAPWCA HEALTHY WEIGHT-LOSS: Nutri onal Plan that Will Perma-nently Shrink and Eliminate Fat Cells -Dr. Michael Berlin 25 19 BOUNCEABILITY: The Counter-Intui ve Concept Of Why You Need Stress In Your Life -Jane G. Goldberg, PhD GOING WITH YOUR GUT: Looking at the System of Diges on for the Cause to Modern Health Problems -Alexis Hugelmeyer, DO 15 ADRENAL FATIGUE: Is it Making You Tired, Stressed Out and Fat -Garry D’Brant, DC, DTN, LCSW OZONE: The Miracle Medicine -Dr. Howard Robins 21 27 13 30 BIOCHEMISTRY OF BEAUTY: A Nutri onal Blueprint for Total Transforma on – Bestselling author Kat James

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