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GREATEST AMERICAN HEALERS LIVE Beljanski 4:20 pm LECTURE A HEALTH MEDIA EVENT CANCER’S CAUSE CANCER’S CURE Sylvie Beljanski and John Hall, PhD 12:40 pm LECTURE Dr. Howard Robins OZONE THERAPY 2:20 pm LECTURE 3:40 pm LECTURE AGELESS BEAUTY Sunanda Chugh, MD 12:00 pm LECTURE HOLISTIC DENTISTRY Alex Shvartsman, DDS, ND HORMESIS EFFECT Jane Goldberg, PhD 3:00 pm LECTURE INTEGRATIVE GENETICS Nicole Ka a, MD 12:20 pm LECTURE STEM CELL THERAPY David Borenstein, MD CHOICES 5:00 pm Keynote LECTURE FIGHT FAT WITH FAT John Salerno, MD 1:40 pm LECTURE Approaching Cancer Treatment from New Angles Gil Lederman, MD LIVE WELL 9.27.15 MANHATTAN @ Streaming LIVE on 10:00 AM -6:00 PM Millennium Hotel 145 W. 44th Street New York, NY 10036

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