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NAVEL CONTENTS extreme wellness event 6 14 10 8 7 5 12 AN EXTREME WELLNESS EVENT 40 Minute Lectures 2:20 Alex Shvartsman, DDS, ND 3:00 Jane Goldberg, PhD 3:40 Dr. Howard Robins 4:20 Sylvie Beljanski & John Hall PhD 5:00 Gil Lederman, MD ARTICLES CANCER’S CAUSE, CANCER’S CURE: The Truth About Cancer, Its Causes, Cures, and Preven on– Sylvie Beljanski with John Hall, PhD YOUR PATH TO HEALTHIER DENTISTRY: A Holis c Approach to Keeping Your Teeth for a Life me -Alex Shvartsman, DDS, ND, MAGD, IBDM, AIAOMT HORMESIS EFFECT: Transforming the In fl ammatory Response into a Healing Reac on -Jane G. Goldberg, PhD OZONE THERAPY: The Miracle Medicine -Dr. Howard Robins CHOICES: Approaching Cancer Treatment from New Angles -Gil Lederman, MD 12 6 10 14 8 NINA MIRSAKOV, MD 1:20 PM 3

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