Florida Community Association Journal March_2016 : Page 56

EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE—IT’S NOT JUST AESTHETICS, IT’S MORE ABOUT MONEY! By John Browne and Micah Valladares Roofs and Exterior Paint: Replacing roofs or repainting a few years earlier than needed is unnecessarily expensive. To help you maximize the life or your roofs and your paint, we’ve put together some ideas to keep in mind. Roof Maintenance: Proper maintenance includes regular inspections and periodic cleaning/roof stain prevention. Since roof cleaning is one of the leading causes of roof damage in Florida, many communities are moving to preventing roof stains and eliminating the need for cleaning. Communities are realizing that prevention saves unnecessary wear and tear on the roofs and there are products/services that can do it cost-effectively. Note: High Pressure and strong concentrations of bleach are not JRRGLGHDV7KH\FDQGDPDJHURRIÀ[WXUHV³ERRWV&#0f;YDOOH\V&#0f;ÁDVK -LQJV&#0f;HWF³WKHSODFHVZKHUHURRIVDUHPRVWOLNHO\WROHDNDQ\ZD\ Using strong bleach is also hazardous to the environment and can void your warranties. Pressure Cleaning: A lot of effort usually goes into selecting the best quality paint, but not enough effort goes into learning how to maximize the life of the paint. Excellent paint jobs can be easily ruined and warranties voided by improper cleaning. Proper cleaning consists of an application of a mild bleach VROXWLRQ³VWURQJHQRXJKWRNLOOPROGDQGDOJDHEXWQRWVWURQJ enough to have an adverse effect on painted surfaces, window IUDPLQJ&#0f;RUODQGVFDSLQJ³DQGDKLJK
YROXPHORZSUHVVXUHULQVH A common mistake by inexperienced contractors is to clean with high pressure. Professionals understand that “pressure cuts, vol-ume cleans.” For more information on Roof-A-Cide, visit www.roof-a-cide.com . Micah Valladares is with Integrity Pressure Cleaning. ■ THE VALUE OF PARKING GARAGE MAINTENANCE—IT SAVES ASSOCIATION MILLIONS IN FUTURE REPAIR By Orlando E. Ballate, PE In Florida, parking garages have historically experienced premature and severe corrosion-related struc-tural deterioration due to the aggressive environment of coastal climates with sea water and salt air. A structural repair and rehabilita-tion program to restore structural integrity can cost millions of dollars, WKXVSRVLQJDÀQDQFLDOKDUGVKLSWR owners and associations. That is why responsible association boards and property managers are develop-ing and implementing garage main-tenance programs to ensure safety and long-term durability. One dol-lar invested in preventive mainte-nance can save as much as 20 dollars in future expenses, in addition to avoiding the interruption that repairs cause to building occupants and operations.  7KHÀUVWVWHSLQWKHGHYHORS -ment of a comprehensive garage maintenance program is a condition appraisal of the facility by a profes-sional engineer experienced in park-56 March 2016 FLCAJ | www.fcapgroup.com

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