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y Healthier D your path to y r t s i t n e BIOMIMETIC A Holis c Approach to Keeping Your Teeth For a Life me Our Smithtown, Long Island dental o ffi ce is dedi-cated to painless den stry and excep onal cos-me c dental care. We take a Holis c approach to your care by not using toxic and harmful materials such as mercury, Bisphenol A, beryllium, lead, formocresol, etc... The en re sta ff is commi ed to your comfort and health. Dr. Shvartsman is the only den st in the Smithtown, NY area that is trained in Biomime c Den stry, a science-based advanced dental restora ve approach to long-las ng tooth reconstruc on that mimics the physical and esthe c proper es of natural teeth. Afraid of needles? We have the solu on: all of our injec ons start with a needle-free pu ff of air using an innova ve technology for your comfort, just like on Star Trek! LECTURE: 4 PM Room A The Patient ’s Guide to nt. available on le to and other fi ne book stores . he of d g time YOUR TO HEAL PATH THIER DENTISTR Y Healthier Dentistr Alex Shvartsman, DDS, ND, MAGD State of the Art Comfort Den stry Long Island Center for Healthier Den stry 260 E. Main Street, Suite 109 Smithtown, NY 11787 t. 631.361.3577 y Dr. Alex Shvartsman a holistic appr y our teeth oach to keeping for a lifetime Dr. Alex Shvartsman

Alex Shvartsman, DDS, ND, MAGD

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