Florida Community Association Journal July 2016 : Page 21

reserve funds, and evaluate if they will be adequate for anticipated expenses. • Create a proactive mindset rather than wait until some-thing becomes an emergency. WKDWFDQHQGXSFRVWLQJ\RXPRUHLIDTXDOLÀHGFRQWUDFWRUGRHVQRWGRLW This does not minimize the importance of having a full-time maintenance person on staff. He is usually the person who knows the most about the building and is also available full time to address emergencies that may arise. Funding and Reserves Each year more and more states are implementing requirements for reserves on projects greater than $10,000. It is highly recommended that a formally documented reserve study be done to plan for future repair and maintenance of all major common area elements. Someone other than the association management should do these studies. However, the association Inspections With very little effort, you can train all employees to be visually inspecting common elements whenever they are walking around your prop-erty. However, you should have regularly scheduled, extensive visual inspections done by management and maintenance staff. This should include the entire building and grounds, from the roof down to the garage and everything in between. Detailed records showing the date, the person doing the inspection, location of inspec-tion, and what they may have discovered need to be main-tained. The report should also include the areas that were visually inspected and no issues were found. This can help you determine when any new issue started. Additionally, it is recom-mended that associations hire a structural engineer to per-form an inspection of the building every few years. The HQJLQHHUFDQÀQGLVVXHVWKDW are not visible but can be caus-ing serious structural problems to the property. Maintenance Items Maintenance items such as crack repairs, stucco repairs, and exterior painting should be performed on a regular basis. It is recommended that DTXDOLÀHGSDLQWLQJFRQWUDFWRU perform this work, so the work is warrantied. Irrigation is another area www.fcapgroup.com | FLCAJ July 2016 21

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