Florida Community Association Journal July 2016 : Page 23

paint contractor is another free resource for annual or bi-annual inspections of your current building conditions. He will alert you to chalky paint; excessive stucco cracking; wood rot; damaged waterproof caulking at windows, expansion joints, etc. It should be noted that if you KDYHRQJRLQJZDWHUSURRÀQJ issues or any signs of structural issues, then it is recommended that you contact a trusted or highly recommended engineer-LQJÀUP reveals excessive stucco cracks, wood or concrete issues, damaged waterproof caulking, etc. • Extensive repairs were recently made to the building • Owners want to update the colors • Existing paint job is out of warranty. This is usually on a 7 or 10 year cycle. USE THE MAINTENANCE OF YOUR EXTERIOR PAINTING TO REDUCE EXTENSIVE AND COSTLY REPAIRS AS PART OF YOUR BUILDING ASSET PROTECTION PLAN. • Inspect your building regularly. • Perform repairs when they present themselves—do not wait. • Be proactive and not reactive to save dollars. If you practice this, you will save the owners thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. Donny Morelock is with CPR (Concrete Painting & Restoration at (727) 939-9393, www.CPRpainting.net. ■ SUMMARY OF WHEN AND WHY WE NEED TO PAINT Reasons to paint now: • Existing paint becomes excessively chalky • Color starts to fade • Maintenance inspection ROOFING MAINTENANCE: THE KEY TO SAVING MONEY By Stella Amador  5RRÀQJLQGXVWU\VRXUFHVLQGLFDWHWKDWZLWKSURSHUURRIPDLQWHQDQFH&#0f; building owners can increase the longevity of their roof system by as www.fcapgroup.com | FLCAJ July 2016 23

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