Learning By Design Fall 2017 : Cover 2

StudioStation One Touch Recording Solution Extron’s StudioStation ™ is a quick, simple, and convenient solution for one-touch recording of high quality video and audio presentations. StudioStation is ideal for flipped classroom recordings, lecture capture, student assessments, rehearsal spaces, moot courts, or any other application where making a recording by pressing only one button is desired. Key Features • Recording Studio Kit – Preconfigured system for studio recordings, eliminating the need and expense of designing and programming a studio recording system. • One touch recording – Automates all functions for a simplified recording studio where single button press starts recording. Operation is simple and intuitive, with no support staff required. • Works with any HDMI camera or video source – Supports any camera, laptop, or mobile device up to 1080p. The input signal is scaled to match the recording resolution. • Power Control for lighting or other devices – Automatically turns on lights and other devices when a USB storage device is connected. Easy-to-use When the user inserts a USB storage device into the remote control panel, the system automatically powers up and is ready for use. Simply press the record button to begin recording. Once the recording is complete, removing the USB storage device places the system into standby. The system records MP4 media files that are compatible with virtually any media player or can be loaded into your learning management system. 800.633.9876 • www.extronclassroom.com

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