ACSI — Vol 17.3
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Sam Barfell

June is quickly approaching, and for most U.S. educators that means summer break! I’m sure summer is time to kick back, relax ... and focus on your continuing education! OK, so maybe you don’t think of earning CEUs while relaxing, but ACSI has actually made this necessary task much easier than you might think by developing what we call ACSI ConNEXUS Premium 2.0.

If you attended ACSI NEXUS Live 2013, you’re familiar with the concept. But have you taken advantage of it? If not, I encourage you to do so! A full year of access to ConNEXUS Premium was included in your registration fee for attending NEXUS Live, and you can use it through October 2014.

For those who aren’t familiar with ACSI’s new professional development tool, here’s a breakdown: As an educator, you know that each of your students is unique and created in the image of God. Your students’ education needs are unique too. The challenge of teaching is meeting students where they are—letting them grow where they need growth. As professionals with our own educational needs, aren’t we the same?

ConNEXUS Premium 2.0 is unique professional development for unique educators. Through on-demand courses you can grow and learn in the areas where you need growth and in the time that is right for you. With more than 35 topic-based channels and over 500 hours of courses, ConNEXUS Premium provides educators with the tools they need to grow professionally and teach with excellence.

If you didn’t attend NEXUS Live, you can still get access to this amazing professional development library. The fees for earning virtually unlimited CEUs are listed below:

• $99 per subscription for 1 to 20 staff members from one school
• $85 for 21 to 50 staff
• $79 for 51 or more staff

What exactly will you find in the ConNEXUS Premium library? Those who have attended NEXUS Live are familiar with the NEXUS Live faculty, and most of their presentations are available. Many of the presenters offered follow-up webinars on related topics; you’ll also find them there. For example, Dr. Jeff Myers presents on life-on-life mentoring, and former MOPS CEO Elisa Morgan gives a challenging and encouraging talk on the woman who anointed Jesus with expensive perfume. NEXUS favorite Annette Breaux gives educators ways to make an impact on student achievement and ideas for reaching all students.

But presentations from ACSI NEXUS Live are only the beginning. When you log in to and click the purple CEUs/Premium tab, you’ll see a blue button titled ConNEXUS Premium Courses. That’s where you can see and search under all 38 channels of content, from the Art and Science of Teaching, to Brain Research, to Biblical Philosophy of Education … and so much more.

If your goal is to increase your overall effectiveness as a teacher, you can earn CEUs by selecting the icon for the Art and Science of Teaching. When you do, you’ll see a list of every available course on the topic; in this case, you can choose from 65 video courses and watch one or all of them. When a particular course grabs your attention, you can click More Details to see the course syllabus and information, immediately watch it, or save it to your Virtual Professional Portfolio (VPP) to watch it later. If you’d like to narrow the search results, you can do so by presenter, CEU type, the date the course was added, and so forth, using the filtering options on the left side of the screen.

When you complete a course in ConNEXUS Premium, you’ll earn a CEU that shows up in your Virtual Professional Portfolio. ACSI educators can access, personalize, and build their own VPP with CEUs when they complete ConNEXUS Premium courses.

With summertime approaching, I encourage you to get familiar with ConNEXUS Premium at today so you’ll be ready to dive in when the time is right for you. Continue growing as a Christian educator with this powerful professional development tool!