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cse : What class or age of students do you teach? K Christian education impacts my family in many ways. The teachers have a real desire to help bring C K I love teaching Spanish to my high school students, and this year I am also the dean of students. out the best in my kids academically and spiritually. I feel my kids are not [seen as] just a student but also someone they are molding into godly men and women. I have seen teachers go the extra mile with encouragement and help academically. Having a biblical point of view in education has made my kids stronger in their faith, and they are equipped in biblical principles and how they apply to learning. These biblical truths will truly help my kids stay strong in their faith in God. Another way Christian education has impacted our family is through the extra-curricular activities. My son’s coaches are outstanding. They not only teach students about the sport, but they are fine godly examples. Their first goal is teaching my son how to live as a godly young man. They are tough, yet encouraging. My daughter has also experienced many wonderful godly women that invest not only in her abilities but want to look at the heart issues. All the coaches expect godly attitudes on and off the field. This is huge. I teach in a third-grade classroom. cse : How do you prepare yourself spiritually for each day? C I get up in the morning, and I read my Bible and pray before going to school. Some days I spend an hour a day; other days I spend more or less, but rarely does my day start without His cleansing. I am in desper-ate need of the Lord. To prepare myself spiritually, I have a short time of prayer and Bible reading on my back porch. Twice K a week my family has a short Bible devotion while we are eating breakfast. I also have a few Scriptures taped to my mirror, which I meditate on while getting ready. Some-times all of these take place, and other times only one. cse : Tell us about your community and your school, and describe the students you teach. cse : How did God prepare you for this role? C Our school is one of three high schools in our community; it is the only Christian high school that C Like I prepare for everything, I read His Word, I ask for guidance, and I trust that at the proper I am aware of in the area. Our students are just like any other high school students; they love to have fun, and they play, study, and go through many hardships. Satan does not discriminate in his attacks; his desire is for our children. He wants the next generation and the next and the next. Our students are in the line of fire as much as any other students in any other schools. Our community is very broad. We are in a metro area, so we have students coming from all over. time He will give me what I need when He calls me to a certain task. God has given me a special love for teaching; plus teaching is one of my spiritual gifts. Grow-K ing up I had many opportunities to serve in teaching positions at church. These experiences really showed me that I enjoyed teaching and helped me pursue it as a lifelong skill. K cse : How have you seen Christian education make an impact on your own children or family? cse : How would you describe your students’ academic needs? C I have two children who attended our school, and I feel they received the very best training. Not only C What I teach is mostly prescribed by state stan-dards; specifically and individually my students do they know the word of God, but they have learned how to defend their faith and recognize truth from deception. They also know how to study His Word. I stand on God’s promise of Isaiah 55 that the Word of God doesn’t come back void, and as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, it will not return without watering and nourish-ing the earth (their hearts). want to learn how to speak Spanish. Some are motivated by getting academic scholarships, but for the most part, the students I teach are self-motivated to learn the language. Academically, many of my students need challenging curriculum in a fun, engaging way. Other students I K have still need extra time and guidance in their learning. Teacher Stories . cse Volume 17 Number 3 . 2013/2014 19

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