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cse : How would you describe your students’ spiritual needs? cse : How do you demonstrate your love to your students? C Like all fallen humanity, in need of a Savior. We as a staff, and I personally, point our students to the one C Oh, I would say that if my students know one thing for sure it’s that I love them. I spend time each day and only one that can satisfy their deepest cavernous needs. Spiritually, I feel my students have a great back-ground in Christian principles from their parents. telling them, I listen to them, I encourage them, and I point them to the Word of God, and when need be, I correct them in love. I try to demonstrate love to my students when I take interest in them and what happens in their K However, I think my students benefit from constant teaching of God’s Word and how that fits into what we are learning academically. Many students are in need of seeing outside of the walls they live in. The most signifi-cant need spiritually with my students is their need for a Savior in Christ, letting God’s Word guide them to the realization they are a sinner and in need of God’s redeeming love. K daily lives. Any opportunity that I can to take a minute to hear about a student’s life outside of school I think means a great day. It’s a goal of mine to let my students know I believe in them and what they can accomplish. Just taking time to help a student when frustrated or giving second chances says volumes. Many hugs and smiles go a long way too. cse : What do you want your classroom to be for your students? cse : What is the one thing you want your students to remember about you in 25 years? C I want my room to be a place where learning takes place—lots and lots of learning—a safe place with lots of laughter, and a place where the Word of God flows freely. I want my classroom to be a place full of joy and peace, a place where they feel loved and accepted, a C That I loved the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, with all my strength, and with every fiber in my being. K place where they are not afraid to try, a place where they want to do their best, a place of excellence, a place where they can share hurts and happiness, a place where they can find friends, a place of learning new things, a place where they are challenged, and a place where Jesus is honored. K One thing I tell my students is that if they do not remember anything else about third grade and Mrs. Blagg it is to love God’s Word. I never want to lose sight of God’s Word in the classroom. So, I guess if in 25 years they will say, “Remember that teacher who taught us about the Bible and how much Jesus loves me.” 20 2013/2014 . cse Volume 17 Number 3 . My greatest hope for my students is for t hem to know and love God in a personal way. —Karrie Teacher Stories

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