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He is weaving a story, and we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works. —Cecilia cse : What are you doing today to ensure that is the thing they will remember? cse : At the end of the year (or your time with them), what is your greatest hope for your students? C K I tell them every day. I have Scripture hanging all around my classroom; plus I share Scripture during our lessons. I think C That they will fall in love with the Lord and want to spend the rest of their days on earth learning about the most wonderful being ever who loves them fully. I also want my students to be tough! They are growing up in a very hard time, especially if you proclaim the Word of God boldly. They will have a lot of opposition; they will also have problems, and Jesus Himself told us that in John 16:33. We should never be shocked when we go through problems. I pray they will be tougher than their problems. In Ezekiel 3, the Lord tells Ezekiel exactly what people He is sending Ezekiel to. He tells him in verse 8, “Behold, I have made your face as hard as their faces and your forehead as hard as their foreheads” [ESV]. The Lord did not send Ezekiel unprepared: He commanded Ezekiel to “eat this scroll” (the Word of God). That is what I pray for my students, that they will be tough and be tougher than their problems and that they would go into battle prepared. My greatest hope for my students is for them to know and love God in a personal way, believe they it’s important to say why the objective being taught has something to do with God’s Word. When students have a difficult time, I always tell them, “Let’s think about what the Bible would say about this.” Deuteronomy 6 really points me to the answer; when we walk, sit, lie down, or get up, teach your children about God’s truths. cse : Why do you believe God brought these students to you? C God is the blessed controller of all things; nothing happens by accident. Each one of these students is handpicked to be in my class. He is weaving a story, and we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them. These kids were chosen to be here at this time [Ephesians 2:10]. I believe God has each student placed in my class for a special reason. Somehow, through God’s help, K are champions, and feel proud for all they accomplished throughout the year. My motto in the classroom is “We are champions.” I want my students to live excellently like champions in all they do. Jesus tells us that whatever we do, do it with all our might, working for the Lord rather than man [Colossians 3:23]. We are champions for Jesus. It’s my job to set them up for success. Sometimes this is easy and other times not so easy. We all depend on the Lord to help us work as a champion would. K I can connect with that student and or the family in a way no other teacher could. Sometimes it is just through my own life experiences that help me see how to best work with a student. Shannon Bomar serves as the virtual content specialist for ACSI NEXUS. Before coming to ACSI, she served in a Christian school as the high school library media specialist and K–12 technology coordinator. She has long been involved with Christian education: first as a product of a Christian school, then faculty, and now as a parent to her third-grade son. She is currently writing her doctoral dissertation. Teacher Stories . cse Volume 17 Number 3 . 2013/2014 21

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