ACSI Vol 17.3 : Page 47

As an educator , you know that each of your students is unique—and each has unique education needs. Professionals with their own educational needs are no different, and that’s why ACSI has created a new model for professional development: ACSI ConNEXUS Premium. ConNEXUS Premium is unique professional development for unique educators. Through on-demand courses you can … tMFBSOJOUIFBSFBTXIFSFZPVOFFEHSPXUI tUBLFDPVSTFTBUDPOWFOJFOUUJNFTGPSZPV tDIPPTFGSPN&#0e;QMVTUPQJD&#0e;CBTFEDIBOOFMTBOEPWFSIPVSTPGDPVSTFT How do you get started? Those who attend ACSI NEXUS Live Liv 
SFDFJWFBPOF&#0e;ZFBSTVCTDSJQUJ with their registration! Otherwise, learn more and register today y at


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